Director Desk

 Mrs. Nitika Khandelwal, IAS 
Uttarakhand, endowed with rich natural resources, has a diverse and unique ecosystem. Yet, it is faced with daunting challenges due to its formidable terrain and the fragility of Himalayas. The moral imperative of it being a major ecological sentinel has cost it dear in terms of economic growth. Traditionally, the region has struck a balance between meeting its material needs and the ecological imperatives. However, given that ecological imperatives have been hemming its developmental efforts, the long-standing balance has started getting destroyed. Developmental activities and biotic interferences have been causing potentially irreparable damage to its ecology.
Uttarakhand Space Application Centre (USAC), in its existence spanning less than a decade, has worked intensively and extensively for improving the quality of life of the citizens of Uttarakhand. To enhance its utility further, USAC endeavours to constantly devise ways in which it can better serve the state. USAC strives to make the fruits of technology reach the doorstep of the last person, ensuring that the delicate fabric of this rich ecosystem is not eroded. Our endeavour is to ensure that natural resources, like land, water, forests, minerals and wildlife is protected, conserved, preserved and upgraded for the benefit of future generations. In light of the exigency of tackling issues of environmental and climate change, USAC is keen to contribute to the widespread effort to control and ameliorate the consequences of climate change.
Informatics which is so very important to provide level playing field to one and all remains, as ever, at the centre of USAC’s planning and management.

Latest USAC News Updates

Celebration of National Technology Day at USAC, Uttarakhand Antariksh Bhawan on 11th May 2023

USAC organized One day Training on Role and Application of Space Technology in Various Sector (Youth Forum) on 4, March 2023 for V.S.K.C. Govt. (PG) College Dakpathar, Dehradun

USAC organized One day Training on Role and Application of Space Technology in Various Sector (Youth Forum) on 3, March 2023 for DAV (PG) College Dehradun

USAC 74th Republic Day Celebration 2023

दिनांक 5/12/2022 को उत्तराखंड अंतरिक्ष भवन में रेमन मैग्सेसे पुरस्कार एंव पद्म भूषण से सम्मानित श्री चंडी प्रसाद भट्ट जी के साथ निदेशक, यूसैक (USAC) की उत्तराखंड मे हो रहे विकास कार्यो एवं हिमालयी पर्यावरण के विभिन्न पहलुओं पर चर्चा हुई।

Director USAC as a Chief Guest in Inaugural of International Conference on Advances in Materials for Health, Environment & Circular Economy (ICAMTHEC-2022) organized by School of Applied & Life Sciences, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun from 25-26 November 2022

USAC organized One day Training on Role and Application of Space Technology in Various Sector (Youth Forum) on 15 October 2022

Director USAC as a Chairman of the ISRS-DC welcomes French Scientist Dr. Stephane Calmant, Senior Researcher and Dean of IRD, France at IIRS Conference Hall on 14 October 2022

MoU signed between USAC and SGRR University on 12 October 2022 for promoting research activities

Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti at USAC, Uttarakhand Antariksh Bhawan on 2nd October 2022