Projects Ongoing

S.No Projects
1 Digital database creation for Uttarakhand state
2 Land Use and Urban/ Rural Survey
3 Water Resource Management
4 Creation & Strengthening of data map library and data repository
5 Agriculture horticulture & medicinal plants development
6 Forestry & Climate Change Studies
7 Uttarakhand School Mapping Program
8 Uttarakhand Health Information System
9 Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation & Development Initiative (KSLCDI)
10 Survey and Mapping of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) and other RET/NTFPs from alpine regions of Uttarakhand and Developing Uttarakhand- Alpine Information System (UK-AIS)
On-going projects of ISRO-DOS
1 Space Based Information System for Decentralized Planning (SISDP) – 1:10 K Scale mapping
2 Vegetation Carbon Pool (VCP)
3 National Land Use/Land Cover Mapping (LULC) Program (Uttarakhand)- 3rd Cycle
4 National Wasteland Change Analysis (NWCA) Program (Uttarakhand) – 2015-16
5 National Land Degradation Program (Uttarakhand) – 2nd Cycle
6 Empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions Spatially (EPRIS) Program
7 Application of RS & GIS in Sericulture Development – Phase II (SILKS – 2)
8 Monitoring of Integrated Watershed Programme (IWMP) watersheds using Geospatial technologies (Uttarakhand)
9 Integrated studies of Himalayan Cryosphere using space based inputs (ISCH)
10 Ground water quality mapping for Uttarakhand State under National rural drinking water program
11 AVIRIS – NG AO Hyperspectral snow cover monitoring project